Altron - laser cutting

Laser cutting

We provide laser cutting with Mazak STx-48, which high power resonators and high speed positioning let us offer best quality cutting services at competitive prices. Our lasers let us cut any item out of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We offer laser cutting of own material as well as customer provided material. We keep our own stock of mostly used materials in the range of 20 tons to provide the shortest possible delivery time.

Basic task of the laser is cutting, however the machine can a lot more:

  • Identification marking of the items

  • Adding cutting center points on the material

  • Machining of film coated sheet metal

  • Short order run time,

  • Any shape workpiece cutting,

  • High quality machining requires no additional machining of workpiece edges,

  • Competitive prices of short production series when compared to traditional production methods,

  • Machining of hard-workable materials such as: aluminum, copper, brass,

  • Machining of galvanized sheet metals,

  • Providing us the digital storage medium with the drawings in *.dxf, *.dwg format, from CAD softwares such as: AUTOCAD, DESIGNCAD, etc., may substantially shorten delivery time,,

  • Workpiece optimization layout provides minimum scraps.

We provide high quality services thanks to:

  • Expertise appreciated by our valued satisfied customers,

  • Technical support and consultancy service provided by our engineering team at any stage,

  • Production capabilities of different projects adjusted to properties of material used,

  • Comprehensive service for regular and new customer and professional organization of production cycle,

  • Comprehensive logistics service within European Union.

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