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Powder painting

Powder painting is based on coating the surface of the workpiece with electrically charged paint particles. Powder painting is the protection method against corrosion and variety of injuries. Powder paint is not diluted with the thinner nor has a fluid form. Powder paint is applied with the special powder gun.

What is powder painting?

The secret of powder painting is based on attraction of paint particles by electrostatic forces to the surface of the object. Important thing is to clean the soiled surface and make it smooth which improves the adhesion of paint particles to the object surface.

What can be powder painted?

The powder paint process can be applied to different objects made of steel, aluminum or galvanized. The powder painting we offer provides broad choice of colours but first of all protects against corrosion and variety of injuries. Powder painting process is commonly applied to protect:

  • Car wheels,

  • Steel structure components,

  • Machine parts,

  • Installation and appliance components.

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